11 August 2011

It's really all about the Pie

So in watching the fabulous 'Pushing Daisies' with the gorgeous Lee pace and the divine Anna Friel I not only became inspired to eat Pie, but to colour life! And by 'Colour Life' I mean make it as beautiful as possible, because one thing you'll notice about 'Pushing Daisies' is its aesthetic nature but also the fact that everything is considered. By Considered I mean nothing is plastic (not literally), everything is neat and beautiful, everything reflects how gorgeous our earth is, it complements it instead of creating an ugly mask that fights for the space and beauty.

Anyway before we get side tracked, This is the Cherry Pie I made, It had a honey Quinoa baked crust! I also made an apple pie but with passion fruit and a honey baked crust but I didnt get a photo.

Im not one for recipes so I never know measurements but I can tell you ingredients

For the Pastry You'll need:
Freshly cooked quinoa
gluten free flour

(pretty much put all the ingredients into a mixer or food processor and voila!) Pastry done

For the filling you'll need:
One fruit (be it raspberries, cherries, blueberries, apple or pear)
One complementary fruit (not essential) I used passion fruit nectar
Add cinnamon
Lemon juice
Lime juice

Place in a pot and simmer all ingredients together until they are soft and start smelling ridiculously good!

Blind bake the pastry for 10 minutes or so (keep an eye on it, or two)
then add filling and crust and you're done!

Now you eat (Or me Rather)

Whilst I was hoeing down into my pie, saddened by the fact that pushing daisies only went for two seasons I came upon thinking, (which happens frequently for me but often leads to strange and unusual ideas that usually get me into trouble or others thinking that I'm not all there.
I was thinking about what this earth could look like if we didnt have plastic and if the 'water car' had succeeded.
And then I had a thought of how to save this planet once my 'pushing daisies inspired earth' had floated away.
If we stopped producing shit (and by shit I mean plastic crap that doesnt last a second and is not necessary) and started living slowly and considerably then we could achieve this.

That's unrealistic you say.

Well heres where I have an actual solution.

If all the companies with similar products came together (shit and quality) and merged their companies, the company who produced the crap could put their money and employees into the larger better quality company and would double the new merged company's money into which would lead the better product to have more funding allowing the price to be lowered, therefore people like us could pay less for better quality eliminating the products that serve as a cheaper option.

If we could all just think for one minute and applied this to everything, toothbrushes, toilet paper, vaccumes, carpet, rugs, furniture (If applicable), lollies, hats, shoes, clothes, alcohol etc etc imagine how much greener our earth would be?

To think this all stemmed from a show about PIE. Dangerous.
Anyway there's my thoughts for the day.

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