16 August 2011

Roses make the trip worthwhile

It came to my attention that my perfume ran out a few months ago when I could no longer smell the soft scent of roses that fondly reminded me of my grandmothers meticulously nurtured rose garden.
When my nose first came into contact with Jo Malone's Red roses cologne it was a brisk and voluptuous meeting of the sensory smell gland, one which was hiding in there but remained forgotten for a while as it have been a very long time since my grandmother lived at her house and a very long time since roses actually smelled like beautiful blossoming spring time roses, but more the smell of water, which as we know, smells of earth or chlorine. Maybe neither.

So Jesse had just arrived home from a large trip down South and agreed to fulfill my womanly needs for smelling beautiful by taking me on a trip to the City as that is the only place Jo Malone perfumes grows are sold.

So I decided to dress up all 'girl about town who clearly loves roses' in my beautiful 50s roses dress and a sheer pink nylon scarf, topped off with a pink bag and rosey peach gloves!

Jesse dressed up too but he was being naughty (as usual) and trying to make me mad for fun.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found your blog. Your collection of vintage dresses is out of this world! I love the 50's rose print dress you wore in this post, the print is perfectly on trend and the scarf you added is the perfect touch. Can't wait to see more of your amazing clothes collection!