24 August 2011

Something I thought I left behind.

In recent years of my life I discovered Etsy. As many of my friends know the addiction is not unlike that of a drug addiction, the more I resist the more it persists in the back of my head saying "but what if you miss out on that fabulous original 1950s tiki dress thats going for cheap?" and so the cycle continues. Its fabulous burning sensation but it keeps me in a world far from anyone so I become an unrelatable person who can only talk about what she has bought or wants to buy, which isn't exciting subject matter for some.
How and why?

Well its cheap, its quality and it get delivered to my door.

And how do you suppose you overcome convenience that is only a detriment to yourself? Well like cigarette smokers and drug abusers, they need weening (not that i am suggesting that I want to ween, because its the best addiction I've ever had) but the solution was op shopping.

Yes, Something I gave up a while ago because I decided etsy was cheap and wonderful but Im sick of waiting for things to arrive, and the cravings never go away so in the meantime, searching for little treasures an nick-knacks whilst taking my time away from the computer has helped!
And boy did I find some beautiful things.

Here they are, I hope you enjoy my weening process.

Beautiful 1930's pinky peach depression glass jug and two glasses, found at separate Op shops but only cost $13 for the lot (which is a steal!)

1950's spirit decanter and shot glasses with 4 tumblers ($5 for everything!)

Two sets of beautiful emerald green earrings

3 beautiful semi-precious bracelets. One (my favourite) is blue opal, one is tigers eye and the other is another blue-sh semi precious gem

A beautiful 1950's mint an white necklace

A fantastic cubed rind that shines brilliant colours on different angles

My current bundle of bangles

A beautiful faux opal brooch with a few rhinestones missing but still loved.

I found this gorgeous apron yesterday in a crisp linen beautiful with zero fading or rips. I love it most because its unisex, great on a gal, great on a guy and it was only $5!

I fought for this vase! the old woman at the counter told me I could't have it for the marked price of $3 because its worth 10 times the amount. She told me that I would be "robbing from the poor" if I bought it for that, so naturally I offered more as the cost didn't matter, I just loved the aqua blue and brown dripping watercolour.She flat outright said 'NO' because her antiques dealer had to value it, so I said "can I leave my number for you when you find out" again she said No because that op shop has a Ebay store and it will go straight to Ebay.

The next week I went in and it was marked at $10, the price I had offered to pay, so i bought it whilst she tried to explain what happened in the end, I just smiled and said thank-you politely.

Seriously though, when did Op shops start becoming money-hungry corporations who give their remains to the poor after they've paid for the managers wages, employees and rent? Seems un-charitable. (They are more concerned someone will get a better deal, but antiques dealers search for the gold it isn't given to them and they honestly do not consider quality. These op shops are pricing damaged and un-sellable glassware and collectibles at its full mint condition price) This makes me mad, sorry for the outburst.

This is my 'all put together' queen Anne dresser!

Save the best til last!
this is a beautiful 1940's anniversary glass music box. I've never seen one before in my life but the mint green trimming with polka dots and the gorgeous little bride and groom won me over. The tune it plays is super super creepy which I love. There's something about sinister sounds that i love.

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