4 August 2011

A sunny winters day

The sun is so warm today that I was just feeling YELLOW! And if you can pull off a difficult colour like yellow, why not wear it while the sun smiles.

I recently went into Anglicare and the woman behind the counter said upon looking at my outfit "oh I think we might have some things for you out the back" and she took me out to her back room to reveal two yellow 1960's dresses. One was a marigold Chantilly lace wiggle dress with little capped sleeves from the early 60s and the other I am wearing in the pictures below at my parents house. It's a mid 1960s American dress with a gorgeous folded collar and 6 sweets buttons down the bust with a pleated skirt!

I also have a scarf and bangle obsession, so with what feels like summer calling, I teamed them together for one very happy outfit!

Oh and that's my puppy Pippa!(shes not really a puppy) I love her because she is strange and excitable and cant quite grasp the idea of being a dog.

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Circus Girl (Zoë) said...

What a pretty dress collection you have! That's so nice of that lady to let you in on those goodies 'through the back', it's great when things like that happen! Pippa is super cute! Have a great day! Zoë x