1 August 2011


Hair can be one of those accessories that can really ruin your look.
As of today, with my hair washing day almost here (as the longer you leave it between washing days the more of a resistance your hair builds up against oil, leaving your hair much softer and silkier for longer)so whilst the weather is windy and grey I decided to try an outfit perfect for going to the shops, uni or just staying home. in fact the 1940's turban look is great for getting you in the mood for cleaning.
I mean this in all sincerity, if you wear nice clothes and heels whilst cleaning, you feel so great about doing it!
So this is my first attempt at it, and boy do I look like my grandmother did when she was younger!

I also found this great shell coloured wool trench coat at the op shop for 15 dollars and it fits me perfectly!
With shorter arms it can be hard to find coats that don't pull a disappearing act on my hands and not to mention with all the beautiful styles of coats out there none of them are long enough! This one is perfect as it goes well with pastels (my favourite) and its long enough for my 50's full skirted dresses!

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