1 August 2011

only if you can 'Chalk the Chalk'

Thursday night was an unexpected night of fun. Sheridan Coleman and I met up at the Newport hotel in Fremantle, with less than high hopes for what was to come, for when you think 'Art', the Newport is the furthest venue from which the two could be hanging out as friends, let alone acquaintances, much like 'chalk and cheese'.

However upon arriving, we were greeted with a big smile and 5 free drink cards, not unlike your bank cards, but with pretty graphics on the front.

We were then handed our colourful array of big sticks of fluorescent chalk paint and directed to the somewhat large chalk boards.

Free as a bird to do whatever we so please! So Sheridan painted a beautiful Mountain-scape (as you will find on her blog is her newly discovered passion), and I just went with the flow of whatever my mind had in store, that being of cosmic genies.

We then discovered a quaint chocolatier that had recently opened up in Fremantle and ran into lexie, where we art chocolates and I drank soy chai tea!

Here are some photos of the night

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