16 July 2011

The Goddess

Right now my obsession lies in fortune tellers and Goddesses. I will have many more pieces to come in these categories from Egyptian to Incan, to Persian and Greek.

The lifestyles fascinate me with their magical mythical elements that seem to always appear with its beliefs in Gods and Goddesses that are praised with Gold and Jewels, herbs and sacrifices.
The adornments and luxuries, so very over-indulgent but much more romantic than our over-indulgent selves with out fast foods and cheap, overpriced clothes.

This is much more like the worshiping of the self, the self love and affection we all crave but is untouchable in the forms these people had. For it would be considered wasteful and Gluttonous, heaven forbid we actually take a moment out of our lives to truly worship the mind and body, the spirit even.

These Gods that were worshipped represented every aspect of life. Air, sun, water, food, love, mother earth and many more. Even some,with their strange cultural human sacrifices they had far more respect for this planet than we do.

Tell me what you think!

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