6 July 2011

If she were ever to be in debt, she could sell all her dresses, then she'd be a millionaire.

This is an incredible shoot done by the very very special Lottie Moore.
I have known Lottie for around 5 years and her photography skills keep progressing even after finishing her degree at Central Tafe.

If you would like to see more of what she is capable of get onto Lottie Moore Photography on FaceBook quick smart!

I tried to play dumb in some of these to give it the authentic Pin-up look, adding humor to the mix. But most of all, considering my savings have subsequently diminished and my somewhat addiction (I prefer utter nostalgic obsession) has grown, all I have to show is Beautiful dresses.
These dresses span form the late 1940's to the early 1960's as do the accessories.

Where I find these goodies: www.Etsy.com and vintage stores and markets, sometimes op shops if I'm lucky enough.

Don't trust internet shopping because you're not sure if it will fit?
Well all you need to measure is you bust waist and hips

My Measurements:
Bust: 35"-36"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 39"

Think that shipping is far too much, well here's a trick for Etsy.com
post this link if it is coming from the US to them and ask for a flat packed USPS fist class international package to your country

Then if they say they don't ship first class international:
Ask for insurance for around 3 American Dollars which protects both you and them but on most occasions the seller hasnt investigated this.

This is my Beautiful Horrockses original dress form the early to mid 1950's. I found it in a book called Floral Frocks and said "I will be complete if I had this dress" The picture had one in yellow and orange but most original horrockses dresses are on display in museums and when I found this little beauty online the price nor the colour mattered, although I am fond of blue and pink!

This outfit inspires me every time i wear it. The blouse is early 1950's, the hat is early 1960's and to me screamed 'Holly Golightly' so of course I HAD to have it. The skirt is sheer but translucent also from the early 1950's. I love the musk and its perfect for tea parties and dancing.

This was my burlesque bra that I made and slaved over for an entire day with beads and fringing, jewels and bows, hand stitching is something that takes me a lot of patience but I eventually got there in the end.

This dress is from the very early 60's America in a bubblegum pink and candyfloss pink. The entire dress is ruched and gives you that very wiggled look.

A hand-painted dress on rough nylon in the palest mint green with light paint and soft flocking. It came with a matching belt and was only something like 25 dollars. early 1950's.

My favourite earrings of all time! A beautiful enamel painted shell with 3 pink rhinestones.
Every time a see a glimmer of these in the mirror I immediately think of the little mermaid.

The sheer flocked blue and white dress form the early 1960's America. The dress is so light and reminds me of soft pavlova covered in blueberries. The gloves are in navy with small pearl clasps and the coat is an Operas coat in raw silk form the mid 1960's.

The mustard bag was my 21st present from my Cousin Rachael but was my grandmothers before hers. I treasure it dearly as my grandmother's legacy was "even if you cannot afford to buy the most beautiful dresses, you can surely make them, but you should always have the best shoes, underwear and accessories"

Ahhhhh the magical green dress. Although falling apart, it still shimmers like no other. The most flattering satin dress from the late 40's early 50s. This took my ETSY.com virginity away and is my most prized. xxx

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billie.care.risk said...

TOO MUCH BABE!! My computer screen might break.. Jeez Louise, Meggy! You are smoking and I am envious of your dress collection!!