26 October 2011

Mad Men

These last few weeks, I have been dealing with Mad Men and Mad Women. Both in the literal sense and also in the digital sense.
I am hopefully going to get back into the swing of Blogging now that uni is over.

So here is a few pieces from my Illustration assignment for concept art, where I chose to create new/improved Mad Men Characters and artefacts.
These are meant to be quick digital sketches and are not of my usual style. I was told to go outside my comfort zone. Something I really dislike doing. I love my black detailed outlines and colouring flat underneath. "Nope, try something different", to which, I'm unsure if I fully succeeded the brief. But in going against my own grain, learned so much about myself.

This Character is the owner of a large toy company who rivals Mattel's Barbie(TM) products, but looks to Sterling Cooper Draper Price (advertising company) for advice on hiking up sales.
Daisy-Jane is a pie loving cowgirl from Americas mid west, stuck in her old-fashioned ways, and living in a 1950s world. She is a redhead with a fiery temperament and doesn't take 'No' for an answer. Her Doll 'Carmen Cowgirl' is seen to be an outdated concept with the spaceage era coming into style.

This is a re-vamped Character formerly Rachel Menkan. She is now pregnant with Don Drapers child but keeps this from him at all costs. Her quick marriage was seen to be because of pregnancy but there were no questions as to who's it was. Don see's her as he enters Menkans department store lift and makes a snide remark regarding how quickly she fell in "love". To this she snarled but it soon stopped when her water broke in the lift and she was rushed by Don to the hospital. Delirious and pumped with painkillers she confesses to Don, leaving him confused, bringing back all the feeling he had when he asked her to run away with him and leave his children.
He feels empty.

This is Diandra D'Amour, meaning rare and beautiful flower, chosen by her as her burlesque stage name. Her previous name was Kitty Miller but after being told she would never make it in Broadway because of her hideously strong Brooklin accent she changed everything,took up French lessons and assumed a new persona. She Dances in the 'Dans De L'Amour' run by a shady character named Jayden McAllister. Together they bribe and frame new-to-be-wedded men by drugging them and demanding money for "services" unpaid for.

This Character is the Anti-Joan of Sterling Cooper Draper Price. Chosen as Dons new secretary by Peggy, she is an independent confident woman who's self sufficiency can be mistaken for stubbornness. Needless to say her and Joan do not se eye to eye though differing tastes and similar attitudes. Her name is Patty Milne and moved over from London, where as they recently experienced the 'Mod' fashion has risen far earlier and hems had shortened faster. She is a feminist, working her way up from being a secretary to copywriter to Ad Woman like Peggy.

This is Carmen Cowgirl and the newly transformed model Atomic Annie of Daisy-Jane's company.

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